Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System
*Bruce Burns, MD - Chairman
*David Waid, EMT-P - Vice-Chairman
*Vacant seat - Secretary
Representing Blount County
*Chief Arthur (Artie) Willis, EMT-P
Tammy Pierce - EMT-P
Chief Scott Payne, EMT-P

Representing Chilton County
*Kenneth "Kenny" Dale, EMT-P
Jason Scott, EMT-P, RN, CRNA
Dewayne Watley, EMT-P

Representing Jefferson County
*Alan R. Dimick, M.D. FACS
Ida Martha Dimick
Henry "Hank" Tyler, EMT-P

Representing Shelby County
*Chief Ben Kirkland, EMT-P
Chief Wayne Shirley, EMT-P
Towana Pardue, RN

Representing St. Clair County
*Chief Richard Harvey, EMT-P
Chris Key, EMT-P
Bill Richvalsky
Representing Walker County
Richard Meeks, EMT-P
David Waid, EMT-P
*Andy Sims, EMT-P

Representing Winston County
Vacant Seats
Birmingham Regional Council / AlaHA
*Don Lilly
BREMSS Medical Direction and Accountability Committee
*Adam Robertson, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past Chairperson
 *Jeremy Lindley, DO
Central Alabama Fire Chiefs’ Association (CAFCA)
*Michael Bartlett, EMT-P
Alabama Chapter of National Emergency Number Association (911)
*Dan Wright, EMD
UAB Administration Representatives
 *Don Lilly
Hospital Representatives
*Justin Bryant, Assistant CEO - Grandview Medical Center
*Debbie Ritchie, RN - Princeton Baptist Medical Center
**Monty Gooch, RN - UAB Medical West
Sean Tinney, FACHE, COO - UAB Medical West
*Shea Duerring, MD - Children's of Alabama
*Frankie Wallis, RN - UAB Highlands
*Jeremy Lindley, DO - St. Vincent's - Birmingham
*Bryan Ballentine, MD - St. Vincent’s Blount
*Dennis Jones, MD - St. Vincent's East
*Open seat - St. Vincent's Chilton
*Open seat - St. Vincent's St. Clair
*Frank Thomas - Shelby Baptist Medical Center
*Jeff Kerby, MD, FACS - UAB Hospital
*Robbie Hindman, RN, MSM, PhD, CNO - Walker Baptist Medical Center     
**Jerry Muncher, RN - Walker Baptist Medical Center
*Cody Walker - Brookwood Medical Center
Alabama Ambulance Association
Vacant seat
Birmingham Fire & Rescue
Vacant seat
Emergency Nurses Association
*Karen Faircloth, RN
**Nancy Shelton, RN
Alabama ACEP
Bruce Burns, MD

*denotes Executive Committee member
**denotes Executive Committee member proxy