The ADPH/EMS is responsible for all EMS issues related to medical accountability in
Region 3 and throughout the state. Unless otherwise specified in the State’s EMS system
components, all complaints or patient care issues are handled in accordance with the
policies established by the ADPH/EMS.

BREMSS has a regional medical direction and accountability committee composed of
EMS system components chaired by the BREMSS medical director. The committee will
hold meetings once every quarter, at a minimum, to provide a forum to express concerns
and share ideas. The committee encompasses a broad representation of the region’s EMS
system component participants. Membership of this committee consists of representatives
• The Regional Medical Director (chairperson)
• The on-line medical director or their designee of each hospital providing medical
• The off-line medical director of each licensed EMS provider service
• Each licensed EMS provider service
• Each county EMA office
• Each 9-1-1 agency
• Each PSAP

The MDAC is not a regulatory committee. Its purpose is to provide access to the regional
medical director and to provide a forum for discussions on how to improve emergency
medical care throughout BREMSS.


Regional Trauma System Plan

Regional Stroke System Plan

Regional STEMI System Plan

Mass Casualty Incident Plan

Hospital Divert Plan

Air Medical Plan
Quarterly data presented at MDAC meetings

January 2016                    April 2016               July 2016                    October 2016
February 2017