Birmingham Regional Emergency
Medical Services System

Mental Health Resources

BREMSS, in no way, endorses one of these organizations over the other. 

Reboot Recovery
Reboot First Responders is a course – not a support group – providing practical help for individuals and families in the law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency communications, hospital emergency department, and corrections communities dealing with moral and spiritual wounds from critical incidents. You won’t find shortcuts or easy answers, but instead you’ll find solutions that last. Click here for local flyer. 

Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy

Our counselors are trained in helping individuals develop skills for coping with a trauma. We understand that dealing with the past is scary and the cycle of avoidance keeps you from talking to others about your experiences. But talking about your struggles with therapists trained in trauma recovery will help you overcome the avoidance and move toward a more rewarding life. The most important part of therapy is working with a professional you trust in an environment that feels safe. We want to prevent you from feeling re-traumatized, so our counselors never force you to go further than you can handle.

Garrett Counseling
Adults often experience a variety of life circumstances that lead them to seek outside counseling and support. Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and grief can disrupt daily life and relationships. Career transitions, exploring sexuality, family dynamics, and self-awareness may also lead you to seek advice and support.

Taproot Therapy Collective
Taproot Therapy is a collective of therapists who share resources to create a more efficient way to offer services for self discovery, growth and healing in Birmingham. We offer the most cutting edge neuroscientifically backed treatment for PTSD, trauma and anxiety. Brainspotting, EMDR, somatic therapies for trauma and IFS, meditation and mindfulness are just a few of our clinicians modalities. We believe that therapy is about more than reducing symptoms. Taproot Therapy Collective does not use “one size fits all” therapy models. Instead we try to personally understand each patient and help reconnect them with the journey that their life calls them toward. We make no presumptions about who you are or where you are going. The clinicians at Taproot Therapy only want to help you find yourself and to find the way to where your journey calls you.

Birmingham Therapy Services, LLC
Birmingham Therapy Services offers individual, couples, and family therapy services both in person and virtual. We specialize in the mental health treatment of first responders, healthcare, legal, and other business professionals. We are committed to providing the latest evidenced based modalities for treating trauma to include Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, Experiential Therapy, Internal Family Systems Parts Work, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. We also conduct mental health and substance abuse assessments with level of care referrals.