Birmingham Regional Emergency
Medical Services System

COVID-19: UAB Emergency Departments

March 12, 2020 (Update)

The recent emails forwarded to you from UAB Health System  concerning their processes for COVID-19 screening are for your information only and NOT as an action item for EMS Personnel.

The health systems wanted to keep the EMS system informed about what to expect upon your arrival at one of their facilities with an EMS patient during this time of heightened awareness of COVID-19. 

March 05, 2020

UAB Emergency Departments (including UAB Highlands and UAB Gardendale FED) have begun screening EMS patients for respiratory symptoms with recent travel.  Please share the attached guide with your personnel so they are familiar with the process prior to arrival at a UAB facility.

The UAB Emergency Communications Specialist will:

  1. Ask EMS about symptoms and recent travel.
  2. Ask EMS to stop, prior to ED entrance, to allow for placement of a mask on the patient.
  3. Notify Gardendale FED and Highlands ED as soon as possible so that they can be aware and be able to do the same.

If you have any questions or if your crews encounter difficulty with this change of procedure, please contact one of the UAB ED leaders below or let us know so we can follow-up with them.

Sherichia M. Hardy, MPH, BSN, RN, CNL I Nurse Manager
UAB Hospital Medical Emergency Team (MET) & Emergency Services Clinical Specialties
North Pavilion 2410 | 619 19th St S | Birmingham, AL 35249-7010
Phone: 205.572.9191 | Email:

Frankie Wallis, DNP, NP-C |Sr. Director, Emergency Services
University Emergency Department
University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital
NP 1333 | 1802 6th Avenue South | Birmingham, AL 35249-7010
Office: 205.934.6545  Cell: 205.224.3016